The City Court of the city is another important project of the company. First of all, the purpose of the construction of the new building is to concentrate and unite all district courts in one place, which will increase the efficiency of the judicial system by uniting them all in one place

The building itself is made in the classical form for this type of structures from three rectangular composite volumes combined into one. The architectural solution of the facade of the building is a large main entrance with two wide but short flights of stairs, and two sharp ledges on both sides of the entrance complement the strength of the building. When cladding the building, priority was given to materials of domestic production; natural marble and granite cladding

Inside the building itself there is an assembly hall for 600 people in the center, separate rooms for court sessions, a press center, a front office, a deliberation room, a workroom for judges, a dining area and a kitchen for all employees, technical rooms for the court apparatus, auxiliary services and service rooms. personnel.

The buildings will house more than 100 judges for various court cases, 27 different courtrooms, and a total staff of more than 250 people.
administrative building
25 000 м²

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