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The « Elitstroy » Group is a recognized leader on the national construction market. The company was established in 1999.

Since then it has made a hard way ahead: from a company commencing its construction activity and involved in construction of individual houses to a well known player on the construction market developing and building entire blocks of houses on an area of dozens of hectares.
quality of Construction
One of the principles on which the Elitstroy strategy is based on
One of the competitive advantages of our projects is the location, each deployment of the project is carefully worked out before the start of construction work
ideal places for project location

The Elitstroy Group makes its way ahead and develops in compliance with the challenges of time and the requirements of the country and its population, optimizing the process, finding new materials and technologists, and accumulating precious experience.

For the time being the Elitstroy Group is focused on constructing of class A office buildings and "Elite" class residence clusters. In 2005 the company adopted a decision to develop "Business", "Comfort" and "Economy" class projects.

At the same time the Group performs the entire cycle of construction works: from the architectural concept design, implementation of construction and installation works, and up to the facility commissioning and dircect sale to the customers.
and improvement
«Elitstroy» implies the elite quality of construction using up-to-date technologies, architectural and engineering solutions, high quality and environmentally friendly construction materials
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First of all, a close -knit team of professionals, a reliable developer for our customers and a strong partner for many local and foreign companies

The company has an invaluable experience in construction gained over the years of existence.
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