Our company is not only a leader in the industry, but also a reliable and promising employer. We are on the market for more than 20 years and we are still actively growing. We have a large potential, our construction volumes steadily increase. One after another we construct residential clusters and facilities significant for the city

At the same time our need in professional, creative, and ambitions employees is also growing! We are waiting for talented specialists able to make the company stronger. Those who apply for vacancies undergo thorough selection with consideration of both professional and personal competence.
All employees that came and work in our company are result-oriented and try to be the best in their activity. Each of them feels his responsibility for the rest of the team is always ready to extend a helping hand. It does not matter whether it is just a friendly word of advice in a routine matter or assistance in professional tasks.

We realize that people are the main resource of the company. We are one big and close-knit team. Only together we can achieve the set goals.
corporate culture
We are a team of professionals and, like in any team, we have our own clear rules of conduct and relations with each other. Key factors in our culture are respect and trust within our team.
We are always ready to develop our employees
Staff development
For a purpose of internal corporate trainings; personnel management, sales, time and tast management are held frequently. In addition to internal trainings, employees have the opportunity to undergo external training and improve their skills. If an employee understands that he needs to undergo training, then he just needs to contact the HR department. We are sure that when employees grow professionally, the company also grows.

Coming to our company as an ordinary specialist and showing all your abilities, effectiveness, aspiration, after a while you can take the TOP position of the department. An example of this is a number of TOP managers of our company, whose career began from the very starting positions. Also, every year we evaluate the development of personal and professional competencies of our employees. This helps each of us determine the direction of growth, and understand what competencies need to be developed right now.
Social package
Our team is our main resource. The company has developed its own social packages and varies from the needs and requests of our team.
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