Commissioning year



264 400 m2




The residential cluster unites 72 nine-storey buildings designed in compliance with modern world architectural trends in the sphere of residential cluster construction, distinguished by rigorous forms and sustained minimalism.

In "Asyl Arman" residential cluster we tried to make provisions for all the necessary elements for today's comfort life – own infrastructure, well landscaped territory for recreation and entertainment, safe playgrounds for children, a large number of parking placing, a convenient access for private and public transport.

The residential cluster has its own operational service with many years' experience in this sphere. Their mission is to maintain cleanness and comfortable conditions across the whole residential area.

Security is provided by the residence cluster watch guard.

The advanced utility system and the cutting-edge engineering equipment create the most comfortable conditions for living.  About eighteen thousand residents live in the "Asyl Arman" residential cluster territory.

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