In Almaty, another 168 persons on the waiting lists were handed keys from new apartments in the Athletes' Village

15.06.2017 г.

Bauyrzhan Baybek, akim of Almaty, handed keys from new apartments in the Athletes' Village to 168 families on the waiting list, including multiple children families, solo parent families, disabled persons, civil servants, military personnel, employees of government-funded organizations..

In the last 5 years almost 10 thousand apartments have been distributed in Almaty. Until the end of 2017 it is planned to distribute another 4,5 thousand apartments, thus, by the end of the year, every fourth family on the waiting list will receive its housing.

At present, in the Athletes' Village, the Housing Department sent lists of persons passed housing committee for 1,665 out of 1,748 apartments. Rental contracts with a subsequent repayment of 900 apartments were concluded.

Today, the city takes all necessary measures to achieve maximum transparency in making decisions on the distribution of housing to the population.

Now the placing on a waiting list and the movement of a queue is carried out only in electronic mode on the e-government portal.

For the first time, an electronic inventory of the queue has been introduced, now the persons on the waiting lists do not need to come to the Housing Department every year for re-registration, as this process is carried out remotely.

For the first time, the practice of mass text messaging has been applied in order to inform the persons on the waiting list.

Until the end of the year, a mechanism will be introduced to distribute the apartments among the persons on the waiting lists without the participation of the human factor and in a fully autonomous regime.

In addition, in order to distribute housing in the "Athletes' Village" transparently, all lists of applicants have been reconciled with the Prosecutor's Office of Almaty.

Akim of Almaty also visited a new polyclinic in the territory of the Athletes' Village, designed to provide highly qualified medical care for the population, as well as "Nomads", a new restaurant of Kazakh cuisine.

The complex of the Athletes' village covers an area of more than 23 hectares and consists of 14 houses. Its territory is equipped with modern systems of video surveillance, access control and fire extinguishing.

There will be placed a PCS, a polyclinic, a supermarket, a fitness center, a beauty salon, a bank and post office, a police center.

For the residents of the complex, taking into account their wishes, a women's club, a children's development center and a leisure center will be opened.

Today, for the new tenants of the Athletes' Village, there are special conditions in the sections of the "Almaty Arena" sports complex.

It is worth noting that the Alatau district has become a new center of attraction for residents and visitors of Almaty. Since the creation of the district, the number of residents has increased 1.5 fold - up to 200 thousand people.

For 8 years, more than 200 billion tenge were invested only from the budget of the city to the district, the following facilities were built: Almaty Arena, a sports complex of international level, akimat, courthouse, prosecutor's office, internal revenue service, Special PCS, police department, modern cultural facilities, schools, kindergartens, polyclinics and a hospital, a new mosque is being constructed, the Great Almaty Canal has been reconstructed, the banks of the Boraldai River have been strengthened, etc.


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